Friday, 18 June 2010

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Anti-Scammer Steam Group


"Automated Message"

This scam claims that your account is in danger of being banned/terminated, or "the Steam servers are updating". It will ask for your account details (username and password) and if you give the details to them your account will most definitely become void to you.

"Free Games"

This scam is very common and you must not be fooled by it! You may be either given a link to a fake steam site where at one point it will ask for you to enter your username and password to receive the free games or sent an email saying for example "You've been chosen to participate in an upcoming game, in order to receive your free beta trial you must give your username and password in order to....". No matter how convincing they are, you can see that they are easily fake (e.g. the website name, or the email address), please do not fall for it!


This scam claims that the Steam servers have a "virus", and that you are required to verify yourself by entering the "correct" details. It may say that your account "has been put in to quarantine" in a message of which they send to you, don't be fooled, it's fake.

"Account Stolen"

This scam can be very convincing in particular because the scammer tries to sound extremely legitimate, e.g. "We apologize for any inconvenience". This can occur in a message stating that this account has been reported stolen by an email they received from *Made up Email* and that "to close this case labelled dispute No. 7632143" *Fake Number* we must verify your account with either a CD key or account details. They may also try and throw in an incentive if you were to "cooperate completely" such as a free game, otherwise your account may be disabled permanently if this info. wasn't submitted in 24 hours. Basically this is utter crap, please ignore it.

"Multiple IPs"

This is a scam where it tries to convince you that your account has been detected on multiple IPs and is being threatened of termination. This would occur in a message from a fake account who would then obviously ask for your username and password for verification, don't be tricked, this is fake!

"Xfire Steam Alert"

This scam claims that there has been a recent breech in all Steam systems and the bug may have seriously damaged your computer. "In order to fix this we need your accounts details so that a Steam Representative can clear the bug from your system." This has got fake written all over this, please don't be fooled.


This scam is basically where somebody will start threatening you or your friends in asking for account details. The thing is here is not to feel intimidated by the person, they could be across the other side of the world for all you care, they are most likely not going to "f*ck you up". If the person is somebody you know and is actually seriously threatening you then I suggest you contact your local authorities.


"Remember to BRA! (Block, Remove, Advice)"

This is what you can do for you and your friends. By blocking and removing you are cutting off any future communication with the scammer. By advising your friends (especially those in common), you are making sure your friends and potentially any of their friends aren't at risk to the scammer.


Simple enough, go to their community web page and report the person for "user misconduct" with a little description of what they have done or attempted to do. Even if the user isn't the original scammer and is another a stolen account, this still helps. Every scammer you report is another tosser out of the community they don't deserve to be part of.

"Steam Support (It's there for a reason)"

Set up a Steam Support account and use the ask a question function to put forward your case in an attempt to retrieve your stolen account. This is the best system in trying to retrieve your account, and trust me, it works, I've managed to get back my account by using this. Remember also to check the "Knowledge base" for any other related problems you may have with Steam as well.

"Spread the Word"

By joining the Steam group and inviting your friends YOU are helping the Steam community. At the end of the day we don't want anybody feeling helpless and alone from the threat of scammers, we are here to aid you. Anti-Scammer Steam Group